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Fossilised Flag Stone

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1000mm 400 x 30mm

Our flagstone is borne from the rugged landscape adjacent to the Atlantic coastline of County Clare where we have been quarrying and supplying our stone throughout the nation and abroad for many decades. Our stone is one of the most distinctive types of natural stone quarried in Ireland, fully appreciating the rarity and uniqueness of our stone we have dedicated ourselves to its correct and appropriate use in delivering a premium product range.

There are two types of trace fossils found on our flagstones. The squiggly trails called scolicia are feeding trails left by some unidentified marine creature and are commonly referred to as worming. It could have been a worm, a snail or a crustacean. A second less obvious type of trace fossil is the small, circular burrow mark. These burrows are preserved as casts of the feeding (or escape) burrow left by an unidentified marine creature. Other flagstones are marked with fossilized wave ripple marks. Just like the ripple marks we often see on the beach or in shallow sea water, these ripple marks formed in the sands and silts on the ancient sea floor

We can offer basic shaping and polish the edges. They are available in two finishes natural or oiled.  Once oiled they are easily freshened up with a spray and wipe over.




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