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Hunter Herald 14 Eco Boiler

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This boiler stove combines classic aesthetics with modern practicality. It radiates cosy warmth, while simultaneously and efficiently heating water for your home, ensuring both comfort and utility in a single, elegant stove.

Herald 14B Boiler Stove: Your Sustainable & Affordable Heating Solution!
Heat Output Range: 5kW to 15kW
DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt: Cleaner emissions, contributing to a healthier environment. ⁠
Efficiency on Wood: 77%, making the most of your fuel for cosy warmth. ⁠
Energy Efficiency Class: A, for eco-conscious, money-saving heating. ⁠
Eco Design 2022 Approved: Sustainability and future-proofing at the forefront. ⁠
Inbuilt grate & ashpan for convenience
Harness the power of wood fuel to heat your room and water, reducing your carbon footprint and heating costs!



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