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Monkey Puzzle Trees have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth and their distinctive evergreen foliage make them ideal for decorative purposes. They are also loved by squirrels and jays who disperse their seeds in the summer and autumn. This unique evergreen coniferous tree was given its common name ‘Monkey-puzzle’ when it was suggested that it would puzzle even a monkey to climb it. Araucaria araucana is very slow growing and will reach just 6 x 4 metres in 20 years creating a pyramidal shape. The leaves are so long lasting that sometimes the same leaf is held on the tree for 10 years or more! Due to its eventual size, Monkey Puzzle trees are best suited to medium or larger gardens as a statement piece. Extremely hardy and tolerant of even exposed coastal positions this tree will do well in any well drained soil in sun or part shade



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