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Flare Collection

Mankind’s fascination with fire has always generated a desire to create a central area of warmth and security in the home, but today our theme is very much about modern living. The ambience a new fireplace can bring to a home can be a life changing experience for the family. A wonderful FLARE fire or stove  will give you years of pleasure; a place to entertain friends, to reflect or just to relax. Browse through this collection and you will journey through time with our designs; from the traditional, period styles to the cutting edge contemporary creations, this collection includes it all. We guarantee you’ll find your perfect fireplace. So relax, unwind and imagine your makeover crowned with a beautiful FLARE fire or stoveOur surrounds are designed to keep up with changing lifestyles and include features which only we can produce thanks to our investment in the latest machinery. At the same time, we depend on our craft skills to hand finish and polish each marble or timber piece to perfection. It is this balance of innovation and heritage that makes your FLARE fireplace uniquely special.

The Flare Collection has been curated from a wealth of knowledge, expert in-house design, industry leading manufacturing techniques and dedication to developing the very best collection to suit all design styles and trends.