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FocusCast York Beam

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RRP £329.00 48″

RRP £ 347.00 54″

Focuscast (Timber effect) beams for stoves. The stunningly realistic York beams have been expertly moulded from original heritage beams of up to 600 years old. The detail is exquisite and they are available in two distinctive hand-painted finishes.

Non-combustible beams and surrounds are made from a mineral composite. They are moulded from actual wooden beams and hand-finished in a choice of colours. Each beam looks incredibly realistic and you won’t believe they are not wood. They are created for use where clearances from a stove don’t allow the use of timber beams.

Suggested Clearances for non-combustible surrounds and beams: 250mm above the stove on a 5kW Stove and 350mm on a 7kW stove.

Additional features:

  • Non-combustible beams made from a mineral composite
  • Moulded from actual wooden beams
  • Hand finished in a choice of colours
  • Created for use where clearances from a stove do not allow the use of timber beams

Additional options:

  • Honey Oak
  • Burnt Oak

7.5″ x 4″max

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