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Chilli Penguin Stock Cube Wood Burning 5Kw Stove

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The Stock Cube is clear, determined, honest and single minded. It doesn’t compromise, it is a wood burner only. It is built to be strong, simple, efficient and clean burning. If you want a 5kW wood burner, squarer and deeper than our Woody.. this could be your penguin. This penguin will be a true and honest friend, to warm you on those chilli winter nights.  The wood sits right on the vermiculite bricks on the base of the stove, there is no need for a grate. It has a generous fire box, sized for logs 3OOmm long and an even more generous piece of glass, offering you a wonderful clear view of the roaring fire. The efficiency is 76.9%. It is an Eco design stove, suitable for use in smoke control zones.

The Stock Cube is beautifully simple to control, there is one air control knob. This is both the air boost, when fully extended and finer control when eased inwards. It comes with an air control tool to help you judge the boost control, but can equally just be operated by hand. Wood burns better on a bed of ash, but when you do want to empty it, you just scoop it out from the base of the firebox. You can fit a small kettle or saucepan on the top surface.

  • Simple square design
  • Large glass window
  • Available in 6 different finishes
  • Plinth base also available
  • Airwash & Cleanburn technology
  • SIA Ecodesign 2022 ready
  • 76.9% efficiency rating
  • 5 kW heat output
  • A energy rating
Stock Cube Plinth  £410.00
Extra height legs £92.00


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