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Di Lusso R6 Eco Cube Wood (*Multi Fuel) Burning Stove

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With a large viewing window and stylish looks, the eco r6 adds a touch of theatre, creating an elegant center piece in any room. With a combination of minimal clearance distances from any wall, an impressive heat range and customisable finishes, the Eco R6 offers both style and substance.

By pairing technology with style, the Eco R6 Cube creates a striking feature whilst being highly controllable. The largest stove of the Di Lusso range, the Eco R6 Cube boasts an impressive output of between 4kW and 13kW, giving you the option of a hot roaring fire or a couple of flickering flames. The R6 Cube also features innovative ‘Flame Blade’ which introduces a fourth stream of air into the firebox. This ensures a more complete combustion of the fuel, with lower emissions even at lower burn temperatures.

Two variants available with both being constructed using heavy gauge steel. The R6 Cube ‘Arco’ has rounded corners and a curved feature at the base. The R6 Curve ‘Quattro’ has clean, straight lines letting the dancing flames take center stage. Finished in classic black, both models ooze contemporary charm and will enhance any modern living area.


Conventional aeration of a wood burning stove firebox can lead to some areas not receiving a sufficient supply of combustion air. The resultant poor mixing of fuel and combustion air reduces combustion efficiency and leads to excessive smoke emissions in the flue gas. The Dual Secondary Air System incorporates an additional stream of secondary air which passes down the rear wall of the firebox towards the fire bed. This stream of air is under the same valve control as the conventional secondary air. When the stove is running at its nominal or rated output the Dual Secondary Air System ensures effective mixing of the fuel and combustion air. This reduces the amount of air required which in turn improves efficiency and reduces particulate.

The highly advanced Di Lusso control system gives you total control. Simply rotate the right dial to increase or decrease the stove’s burn. A small adjustment to the combustion air valve on the dynamic control cassette ensures a constant flow of air through the combustion valve.  The Di Lusso R6 Cube can be purchased with a Direct Air Kit if desired or required.  Along with the optional Multi-Fuel kit.

  • Options include a direct air kit.
  • Multifuel grate. * See separate listing.
  • Bench * See separate listing.

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Dimensions 54 × 532 × 621 cm


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